State keen on guaranteeing intellectual property rights: Justice min.

The Egyptian State is keen on guaranteeing the intellectual property rights in its various domains, affirmed Justice Minister Omar Marwan.

In his word during launching the National Strategy for Intellectual Property Wednesday, the minister said that launching the strategy reflects the State’s keenness on guaranteeing the intellectual property rights in its various spheres.

Egypt has paid great attention to the intellectual property rights due to its great belief that intellectual activities in the various industrial and scientific spheres are a source of the State’s wealth and a tool to boost the national economy, he went on to say.

The strategy aims to spread societal awareness about the importance of this issue and its effect on production, research, innovation and development, he further said.

The Justice Ministry has greatly contributed to this sphere through formulating several bills related to this respect, he went on to say.

The ministry also signed several protocols with the relevant bodies, he said, pointing out to the two protocols that were signed yesterday with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

He further said that the ministry organized symposiums and training courses for the judges dealing with disputes related to the intellectual property rights.

Source: State Information Service Egypt