Hot weather conditions forecast countrywide

Amman: The hot air mass’s effect gradually recedes from the Kingdom as temperatures fall slightly but still stay around 5 to 6 degrees Celsius higher than average for this time of year, the Jordan Meteorological Department said in its daily update.

The weather is hot throughout most of the Kingdom, but it gets extremely hot in the Badia, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba.

Winds will be northwesterly moderate, picking up during night hours.

The department warns in its report about the risks associated with dehydration and direct sunlight exposure, particularly for the elderly and sick, the possibility of forest fires, the risk of leaving children in closed vehicles, even for a brief time, and the risk of leaving flammable materials, perfumes, and sterilizers inside of cars.

Temperatures in the capital Amman will range between a high of 35 degrees Celsius and a low of 23 degrees Celsius.

Highs in the port city of Aqaba will reach 44 degrees Celsius during the day, sliding to 26 degrees at night.

ource: Jordan News Agency

Foreign ministry: 14 pilgrims dead, 17 missing

Amman: The Directorate of Operations and Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates announced that 14 Jordanian pilgrims died and 17 others were missing during performing the Haj rituals.

Head of the Directorate of Operations and Consular Affairs, Ambassador Sufian Qudah, stressed that the ministry is following up with the relevant Saudi authorities on the procedures for burying pilgrims and transporting the bodies of those whose families wish to have their bodies transferred to the Kingdom as soon as possible. In addition, they’re following up on the search for the 17 pilgrims who went missing.

Qudah expressed his sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the deceased pilgrims.

The deceased pilgrims and the missing pilgrims are not part of the official Jordanian Haj delegation, according to Ambassador Qudah. He urged all Jordanian residents who are performing the Haj to contact the following lines at any time for assistance:

Source: Jordan News Agency

Al-Jazi takes part at Ukraine peace summit

Amman: Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs Ibrahim Al-Jazi took part in the “Peace Summit in Ukraine” on Sunday in Lucerne, Switzerland, which was arranged by the Swiss Confederation.

The two-day summit saw the participation of a number of heads of state and government and foreign ministers of many countries of the world, in addition to the United Nations and relevant organizations.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Abou Zeid: We pray to God that Eid brings peace to our beloved Egypt

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, said, ‘We pray to God that Eid brings peace, security, and goodness to our beloved Egypt and the Arab and Islamic nations.’

The official spokesman added – in a post on his account on the ‘X’ platform today, Sunday, on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha – ‘The breezes of Eid Al-Adha come to inspire in the souls the values of sacrifice, and unity.’

He stressed that despite the surrounding challenges, we rejoice in these blessed days that the crises will soon end and the pain of the brothers who suffer from the scourge of war will end.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

The First Lady Greets the Egyptian People and Islamic Nation on Eid Al-Adha

The First Lady Intissar El Sisi greeted the Egyptian people on the advent of Eidul Adha.

On her official Facebook account, she wished all the Egyptians a blessed Eid and many happy returns.

‘I extend greetings to the Egyptian people and the Islamic nation on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha. May Allah the Almighty return it with all goodness and blessings.

Many happy returns’

Source: State Information Service Egypt


National News Agency correspondent in Nabatieh reported that the Israeli warplanes carried out an air attack at approximately 1:30 this afternoon targeting the town of Yaroun in the Bint Jbeil district with two air-to-surface missiles.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Caretaker Minister of Youth and Sports, George Kallas, contacted today the President of the Beirut Al-Riyadi Sports Club, Mazen Tabbara, congratulating him on the brilliant victory in the Asian Championship title.

Kallas congratulated Al-Riyadi team members, management, imtechnical staff, and wide fans, considering this victory a triumph for all of Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon