Innovating to Impact: Dentsu Unveils New Global Brand Proposition Drawing Upon 120 Year Heritage

Dentsu, Innovating to Impact
Dentsu, Innovating to Impact

TOKYO, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dentsu, today announced the launch of its new global, client-facing, brand proposition, “Innovating to Impact”, marking a significant milestone in the company’s storied 120-year plus history. The new go-to-market brand encapsulates dentsu’s commitment to driving growth through innovation, leveraging the collective strengths of transformative creativity, media, data, and technology.

Created through a collaborative effort of many dentsu teams around the world, “Innovating to Impact” reflects dentsu’s dedication to delivering outcomes that not only drive business growth but also generate a positive effect on people, society and the world.

“Our new branding is a bold declaration of our unwavering commitment to innovate in pursuit of outcomes on behalf of our clients,” said Hiroshi Igarashi, President & Global CEO, dentsu. “At dentsu, we are not content with simply following trends; we aim to set them. ‘Innovating to Impact’ is our promise to our clients, our incredible people and the communities we serve, that we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible through experience and business transformation.”

The launch is the next stage in dentsu’s mid to long-term strategy and its positioning as an integrated growth and transformation partner to the world’s leading organizations. Dentsu brings the best of both worlds to clients: individual global leadership brands that can deliver deep expertise, and the ability to tie those services together to deliver a multiplier effect for clients as dentsu.

A Dentsu Creative team, headed by Riccardo Fregoso, Chief Creative Officer Dentsu Creative Italy, led development of the tagline “Innovating to Impact”, along with a new brand manifesto. The design look and feel of the new brand was produced by the multi-award winning Dentsu Inc. team in dentsu Japan, led by Executive Creative Director, Yoshihiro Yagi, one of Japan’s most internationally awarded, art-based creatives.

“For over 120 years, innovation has been a core tenet of dentsu’s offering; it is in our DNA and within the very culture of our teams around the world. Innovation for dentsu is both an open mindset as well as a systematic approach, helping clients approach their business transformation in new ways,” commented Jean Lin, Global President – Global Practices, dentsu. “Dentsu is truly unique in the market, sitting at the convergence of marketing, technology and consulting. When we combine innovation with a laser focus on driving outcomes, we bring together the best of our capabilities to deliver integrated growth for brands who want something different from the traditional model.”

Dentsu’s new brand will be further showcased at the Cannes Lions Festival in June 2024, with dentsu Beach House programming and design reflecting the principles and positioning of “Innovating to Impact”.

For more information about dentsu and the new GTM brand, please visit: Innovating to Impact

Team credits:

Dentsu Creative Italy

Riccardo Fregoso, Chief Creative Officer
Stefano Battistelli, Executive Creative Director
Francesco Epifani, Executive Creative Director
Cristiana Bregni, Art Director
Santiago Cancela, Copywriter

Dentsu Inc., Japan

Yoshihiro Yagi, Executive Creative Director
Tsubasa Adachi, Creative Director
Haruko Tsutsui, Creative Director
Hiroyuki Kato, Art Director
Natsuki Tomoda, Art Director
Miyuki Ito, Copywriter
Mariko Fukuoka, Copywriter
Shintaro Murakami, Digital Technologist

About dentsu

Dentsu is an integrated growth and transformation partner to the world’s leading organizations. Founded in 1901 in Tokyo, Japan, and now present in over 145 countries and regions, it has a proven track record of nurturing and developing innovations, combining the talents of its global network of leadership brands to develop impactful and integrated growth solutions for clients. Dentsu delivers end-to-end experience transformation (EX) by integrating its services across Media, CXM and Creative, while its business transformation (BX) mindset pushes the boundaries of transformation and sustainable growth for brands, people and society.

Dentsu, Innovating to Impact.

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Inaugural Dementia Conference in Africa, Convened by Nature, Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative, and Aga Khan University, to Advance Lifespan Brain Health Innovations Across Diverse Communities

First dementia and brain health conference convened by Nature on the African continent

Geneva, Switzerland, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

  • Researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders from the global south will convene to showcase Africa’s unique brain health and dementia learnings for the world.
  • Aim is to catalyze funding for African brain health initiatives, emphasizing the importance of brain health throughout the lifespan including prevention and primary care interventions.

The Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative (DAC), the organization leading an unprecedented global response to Alzheimer’s, today announced their inaugural brain health and dementia conference in Africa, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from September 11-12 in partnership with Nature Conferences and the Aga Khan University’s Brain & Mind Institute.  The conference, “The Future of Dementia in Africa: Advancing Global Partnerships,” focuses on scientific advancements in understanding the impact of dementia, risk factors (e.g. genetics), and early detection methods, both in Africa and worldwide. This is a significant step in advancing brain health innovation, dementia care and research efforts across Africa and globally.

The conference will be attended by interdisciplinary experts and dementia stakeholders based in Africa and internationally, including researchers, industry leaders, local governments, policymakers, funders, and individuals with lived experience. The agenda will cover a broad range of issues, from current treatments, community-based healthcare initiatives, to emerging clinical trials. Building on scientific discourse, sessions will also be geared towards engaging policymakers, funders, and industry leaders to implement research innovations across international health systems and identify collaborative funding opportunities.

Africa’s growing healthcare landscape, characterized by rapid growth, urbanization, and a vibrant youth population, presents a unique opportunity for innovation in dementia and brain health. With an emphasis on grassroots initiatives, global partnerships, and leveraging advancing technologies, the continent stands poised to lead the charge in addressing diverse healthcare challenges.  With the older African population set to triple by 2050, it’s crucial to address the gaps in dementia and overall brain health research now.

“This first-of-its-kind conference on brain health in Africa focuses on the importance of brain health throughout the lifespan. From the brain skills required by younger generations for 21st century innovation, to the brain health risks from the escalating chronic health conditions in mid-life, to the emerging brain disorders of elders at risk for dementia, Africa’s unique demography is a rich source of brain health learnings for the rest of the world,” said George Vradenburg, Founding Chairman of the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative. “The African opportunity aligns with DAC’s commitment to link and scale brain health innovation from the world’s diverse racial and ethnic tapestry and across all resource settings to build the global brain resilience needed to address the massive 21st challenge of brain disorders.”

“Our conference will highlight the great strides we’ve made to address the gap in brain health research among indigenous Africans, despite Africa’s rich genetic diversity. We’ll delve into emerging research exploring how increasing African representation in research could unlock new insights and strategies for preventing and effectively treating dementia.” said Zul Merali, Director, Brain and Mind Institute at the Aga Khan University.

The conference builds on DAC’s intervention-focused position targeting lifestyle factors that can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  At the conference, DAC will hold a roundtable geared towards allocating funding for brain health at the community and primary care physician level.

This conference will intentionally prioritize learnings from the global south with an emphasis on community health. The discourse offers a platform for leaders to share successes, understand shared challenges, and foster new collaborations that will drive future dementia research and care in Africa. The event is designed to facilitate a stronger network of dementia researchers and create a collaborative environment that can catalyze progress against dementia and Alzheimer’s and positively impact brain health.  Learn more about the event here.

About the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
Launched at the World Economic Forum’s 2021 meeting on The Davos Agenda, The Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborativeis a multi-stakeholder partnership committed to aligning stakeholders with a new vision for our collective global response against the challenges Alzheimer’s presents to patients, caregivers, and healthcare infrastructures. Convened by The World Economic Forum and The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease (CEOi) and fueled by a mission of service to the estimated 150 million families and half a billion people inevitably impacted by this disease by 2050, DAC is a collaborative for the benefit of all people, in all places.

About the Aga Khan University’s Brain & Mind Institute
The Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) at the Aga Khan University, operates in East Africa and Central/South Asia.  BMI’s ethos is to span from neuron to the neighborhood, and across multi-country campuses.  The operational model is to empower and strengthen neuroscience and mental health research and interventions through capacity building and partnerships; connecting the rich tapestry of academics, research entities, stakeholders, and communities of lived experience.

BMI facilitates interdisciplinary research, education and innovation in mental health and neurosciences. Through transdisciplinary research approaches, BMI aims to impact the lives of people who are affected by debilitating neurological and mental health problems. Whether it is uncovering the causes of illness or advancing breakthrough research into treatments or interventions, BMI’s approach is always mindful of the local needs of the people and communities at risk.

Nature Conferences
Nature Conferences are events tailored to the international scientific community to foster communication and collaboration between scientists at various research levels. Held in face-to-face and virtual formats, a multi-disciplinary schedule of events is launched each year in partnership with leading industry and institutional organizations in the scientific field globally. As part of the world-renowned Nature Portfolio of journals, editors carefully curate event programs to create immersive experiences that blend cutting-edge research with insightful discussions.

The Nature Portfolio of journals is home to Nature—the leading international weekly journal of science first published in 1869— and to selective subject-specific journals including Nature MedicineNature AgingNature Communications and Communications Medicine. Together, these journals publish some of the world’s most significant scientific discoveries. Nature Portfolio, its journals, and Nature Conferences are all part of Springer Nature.

Learn more about Nature Conferences here and follow @Natureconf.


Susan Oliver
Davos Alzheimer's Collaborative

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Tealium unveils CDP integration with Snowflake’s Snowpipe Streaming API

The integration combines the powerful forces of the Snowflake Data Cloud and Tealium CDP to accelerate CX across the entire customer journey

San Diego, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tealium announced today that it is one of the first customer data platforms (CDPs) to seamlessly connect to Snowflake’s Snowpipe Streaming API, offering industry-leading customer data collection and activation capabilities. Tealium’s CDP, powered by Snowflake, streamlines the process of landing low latency customer behavior data into the Snowflake Data Cloud to power analytics, AI, and customer-360 initiatives, allowing enterprises to better serve and engage their customers.

“At the heart of any CX strategy, is your data. CDPs and cloud data platforms are powerful catalysts for managing, analyzing, and activating customer data successfully to achieve this. And although unique on their own, together, they become a powerful force. That’s why Tealium and Snowflake are truly better together, providing a centralized consented data hub combining the benefits of historical data, real-time behavior, and utmost flexibility,” says Bob Page, Chief Product Officer at Tealium.

Real-time access to customer data is crucial for organizations to stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Tealium’s integration with the Snowpipe Streaming API enables businesses to capture, process, analyze, and activate data efficiently. This powerful combination allows organizations to unlock valuable insights, enhance personalization, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately driving growth and customer satisfaction.

The integration leverages the power of a real-time CDP coupled with Snowflake’s elastic performance engine to drive customer data capabilities, including:

  • Establish unified and actionable customer views to power real-time engagement, leveraging enhanced identity data in Snowflake
  • Fuel and activate AI initiatives across the entire data infrastructure 
  • Minimize wasted time on data wrangling for more strategic and higher-quality insights 
  • Reduce regulatory risk by enabling consented data collection and activation, honoring customer privacy preferences across the entire journey
  • Improve ROI and achieve business goals through enhanced measurement and data-driven decision making

“As third-party cookies phase out and privacy regulations intensify, the demand for secure, privacy-first, real-time data solutions has never been greater,” said Onil Gunawardana, Head of Product Management, Marketing Data Cloud, at Snowflake. “Tealium’s advanced CDP with consent management, integrated with Snowflake’s Snowpipe API, provides enterprises with immediate access to cleansed, high-quality, first-party data. This seamless connectivity not only speeds up data ingestion for AI and improves customer experiences, but also ensures that data usage remains compliant within Snowflake’s robust analytics environment, elevating customer data strategies with unmatched security and efficiency.”

The integration also equips teams with widened flexibility, allowing them to augment customer data with AI, fueling models with clean and consented data. With every business having an AI mandate, the biggest challenge being faced during initial adoption is access to AI-ready data. The Tealium and Snowflake integration enforces enhanced data quality and governance, which supports successful AI implementation across the enterprise.

Learn more about how Tealium and Snowflake are better together.

To keep up with the latest company news, visit Tealium’s Newsroom.

Join the Real-Time Revolution: Tealium is hosting its annual Digital Velocity conference in San Diego on June 10-12, 2024. Join industry leaders as they come together to discuss the latest innovations in customer data. On Tuesday, June 11, Patrick Crosby, Senior Alliance Manager for Technology Partners at Snowflake, will be speaking in a session on “Driving Growth through Data Integration: CDPs and the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud in Concert.”  Learn more and register here. 


About Tealium 

As the most trusted CDP, Tealium connects data so businesses can better connect with their customers. Tealium’s real-time data infrastructure allows brands to power their AI models and activate data for enhanced in-the-moment experiences. Tealium’s turnkey integration ecosystem supports more than 1,300 built-in connections from the world’s most prominent technology experts. Tealium’s solutions include a real-time customer data platform with machine learning, tag management, an API hub, and data management solutions that make customer data more valuable, actionable, privacy-compliant, and secure. Named as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Platforms™, more than 850 leading businesses globally trust Tealium to power their customer data strategies. For more information, visit

Natalie Passarelli
Tealium Inc. 
[email protected]

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Telecoming slated to join Telecoms World Middle East 2024

DUBAI, UAE – EQS Newswire – 16 May 2024 – Telecoming, sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports and entertainment, will take part, for the second year in a row at Telecom World Middle East 2024, scheduled for May 28-29. The company’s involvement in the event is part of a strategic initiative aimed at strengthening its presence in the region by partnering with mobile operators to offer digital services to sports enthusiasts.

This global event, which centers on innovation, connectivity, and technology, will feature Telecoming in a series of debates alongside key figures in the mobile entertainment industry. Patricia Peiró, Chief Strategy Officer at Telecoming, will discuss her expertise in technology-driven solutions for monetizing mobile entertainment. She will focus on the sports sector and explore how Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is propelling the growth of the mobile economy in collaboration with telecommunications companies across two pivotal panels. Telecoming’s participation highlights the importance of this event, which brings together industry leaders and experts to discuss developments and challenges in mobile technologies across the Middle East.

We are thrilled to return to Telecoms World Middle East, because the region is an incredibly dynamic market with a strong interest in sports and digital consumption. Telecoming is looking forward to explore new opportunities in close collaboration with telecom operators“, explains Ali Karaosman, MEA Director at Telecoming.

About Telecoming:
Telecoming is a sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports and entertainment. The firm has been deploying monetization technologies in partnership with telcos since 2008. Telecoming is currently present in 18 countries. Its portfolio includes the official licenses of the leading soccer clubs in Europe and Africa, as well as the main competitions of 12 sports disciplines. Leader in the digital content economy since its foundation, the company has been recognized by the London Stock Exchange as one of Europe’s most inspiring organizations. In addition, it is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, according to Morningstar’s 5000 Inc. ranking. For more information, please visit:

Bravade contre l’extrême : l’expédition patagonienne Kahuna parrainée par Deriv et son impact sur la climatologie

Extraction d’échantillons de neige à des fins de recherche
Des analystes extraient des échantillons de neige dans le cadre de l’expédition Kahuna.
Des analystes extraient des échantillons de neige
  • Dans le cadre de son programme de parrainage de la responsabilité sociale des entreprises (RSE), Deriv soutient l’équipe Kahuna dans la collecte de données environnementales essentielles et la compréhension approfondie du changement climatique.
  • Cette expédition environnementale, menée en partenariat avec OSER et Cheer Up, vise à motiver et à éduquer de jeunes patients et étudiants.

CYBERJAYA, Malaisie, 16 mai 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alors que Deriv se prépare à célébrer 25 ans d’innovation et de responsabilité, l’entreprise entend fièrement marquer cette étape importante par une série de nouvelles initiatives qui auront des répercussions en 2024 et au-delà. Le parrainage de Kahuna soutient la recherche scientifique et les projets communautaires qui améliorent l’éducation et favorisent l’action positive en faveur de la protection de l’environnement.

Récemment, Deriv a parrainé la réalisation d’une expédition de recherche environnementale menée par l’équipe Kahuna en Patagonie. Cette expédition environnementale visait à rechercher la présence de microplastiques et de carbone noir dans la neige. Ces substances renseignent grandement sur le niveau de pollution environnementale qui entraîne le changement climatique.

L’équipe Kahuna en randonnée avec leurs lourds sacs à dos

Les randonneurs avec leur sac à dos

L’équipe s’est associée à l’Institut argentin de nivologie, de glaciologie et des sciences de l’environnement (IANIGLA) et a cherché à sensibiliser les communauté en collaborant avec des organisations de charité comme OSER et Cheer Up (affilié à CentraleSupélec) .

Selon Seema Hallon, la responsable des Ressources humaines de Deriv : « Ce 25e anniversaire est une occasion pour Deriv de renouveler son engagement envers ce qui compte pour notre organisation. Déployer nos efforts en matière de RSE dans des projets utiles comme l’expédition Kahuna est une façon pour nous de contribuer aux initiatives en faveur d’un futur durable pour la planète et les communautés. »

L’expédition a commencé à la mi-janvier à Puerto Murta au Chilie, avec une équipe qui comprenait Baptistin Coutance, Robin Villard, Thomas Jarrey, Vincent Lavrov et Yvan Lazard.

Le parcours a commencé avec le lac General Carrera, par le rio Baker dans les fjords du Pacifique, le long du Campo de Hielo Continental, et l’ascension du volcan Lautaro et du Cerro Francisco Moreno, où de mauvaises conditions climatiques ont prématurément entraîné la fin du périple.

Pour Robin Villard, « L’expédition était une réussite. Les échantillons recueillis sont de bonne qualité et leur analyse est prévue aux mois de mai et juillet. Dès la fin de l’été, nous devrions pouvoir obtenir les résultats de l’analyse de la présence de microplastiques dans le champ de glace ci-dessous. C’était un franc succès. »

Le but de notre recherche scientifique consistait à analyser les échantillons de neige, afin de déterminer le niveau de microplastiques. En d’autres termes, ces échantillons seront examinés au microscope en laboratoire pour déterminer le niveau de pollution aux microplastiques dans la neige. »

Résultats de l’expédition :

  • Impact de la recherche : L’équipe Kahuna a correctement recueilli et analysé les échantillons de la région, ce qui fournit des données intéressantes pour les études climatiques en cours.
  • Impact sur les communautés : L’expédition environnementale fournira des expériences éducatives et motivantes pour les jeunes patients souffrant de cancer et les étudiants défavorisés, grâce à des mises à jour en temps réel et des présentations subséquentes, une fois que leur film documentaire sera prêt.

Malgré des conditions climatiques défavorables et un terrain dangereux, l’expédition a néanmoins pu être parachevée suivant les objectifs de la recherche.

Les randonneurs avec leur sac à dos de marque Deriv

En savoir plus sur l’expédition Kahuna.

À propos de Deriv

Depuis 25 ans, Deriv s’attèle à rendre le trading en ligne accessible à tous et partout. Constituée aujourd’hui d’un réseau comptant plus de 2,5 millions de traders dans le monde, la société fournit une riche gamme de types de contrat. En outre, elle propose fièrement plus de 200 actifs sur des marchés populaires à partir de ses plateformes de trading primées et intuitives. Deriv a su développer une culture au sein de ses bureaux, comptant plus de 1 300 employés répartis dans le monde, qui célèbre les réalisations, encourage la croissance professionnelle et favorise le développement des talents, ce qui justifie son accréditation Platinum délivrée par Investors in People.

[email protected]

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Desafiar o extremo: Expedição Kahuna à Patagónia patrocinada pela Deriv e o seu impacto na ciência climática

Recolha de amostras de neve para investigação
Dois exploradores recolhem amostras de neve no âmbito da expedição Kahuna.
Dois exploradores recolhem amostras de neve
  • O programa de patrocínio de RSE da Deriv apoia a equipa Kahuna na recolha de dados ambientais cruciais e na melhoria da compreensão global das alterações climáticas.
  • Em parceria com a OSER e a Cheer Up, a expedição ambiental visa sensibilizar e educar jovens doentes e estudantes.

CYBERJAYA, Malásia, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — À medida que a Deriv se prepara para celebrar 25 anos de inovação e responsabilidade, assinala com orgulho este momento importante com uma série de novas iniciativas que terão impacto em 2024 e no futuro. O patrocínio à Kahuna apoia a investigação científica e os projetos comunitários que proporcionam valor educativo e inspiram ações positivas para a proteção do ambiente.

A Deriv patrocinou recentemente a equipa Kahuna numa expedição de investigação ambiental na Patagónia. A expedição ambiental tinha como objetivo investigar a presença de microplásticos e carbono negro na neve. Estas substâncias são indicadores críticos de poluição ambiental que contribuem para as alterações climáticas.

A equipa estabeleceu uma parceria com o Instituto Argentino de Nivologia, Glaciologia e Ciências Ambientais e procurou envolver e interagir com a comunidade através de colaborações com as organizações de caridade OSER e CheerUp (afiliadas ao CentraleSupelec).

A equipa Kahuna a caminhar com as suas mochilas pesadas

Os caminhantes com as suas mochilas

Seema Hallon, Responsável pelos Recursos Humanos da Deriv, partilha: “O 25º aniversário representa uma oportunidade para a Deriv renovar o seu compromisso com os valores que consideramos fundamentais enquanto organização. Direcionar os nossos esforços de RSE para projetos significativos, como a expedição Kahuna, é a nossa forma de contribuir para a construção de um futuro sustentável para o planeta e as comunidades.”

A expedição teve inicio em meados de janeiro em Puerto Murta, no Chile, com uma equipa constituída por Baptistin Coutance, Robin Villard, Thomas Jarrey, Vincent Lavrov e Yvan Lazard.

A rota levou-os a atravessar o Lago General Carrera, através do Rio Baker até aos fiordes do Pacífico, ao longo do Campo de Hielo Continental, ascendendo ao Vulcão Lautaro e o Cerro Francisco Moreno, onde as más condições climatéricas levaram ao fim prematuro da viagem.

Robin Villard partilha: “A expedição foi um sucesso. As amostras recolhidas estão em bom estado e a sua análise está prevista para maio e julho. No final do verão, deveremos ter resultados sobre a presença de microplásticos no campo de gelo abaixo. Este feito representa um enorme sucesso.

A nossa investigação científica centrou-se na recolha de amostras de neve para análise, com o intuito de avaliar os níveis de microplásticos presentes. Simplificando, iremos examinar as amostras ao microscópio no laboratório para determinar a possível presença de uma poluição significativa de microplásticos na neve.”

Resultados da expedição:

  • Impacto da investigação: A equipa Kahuna recolheu e analisou com sucesso amostras da região, fornecendo dados valiosos para os estudos climáticos em curso.
  • Impacto na comunidade: Através de atualizações em tempo real e de apresentações subsequentes, a expedição ambiental proporcionará experiências educativas e motivacionais a jovens com cancro e a estudantes desfavorecidos quando o seu documentário estiver concluído.

A expedição enfrentou desafios, nomeadamente condições meteorológicas adversas e terreno perigoso, mas conseguiu cumprir eficazmente os seus objetivos de investigação.

Os caminhantes com as suas mochilas Deriv

Saiba mais sobre a expedição Kahuna.

Sobre a Deriv

Ao longo de 25 anos, a Deriv manteve um compromisso firme de tornar a negociação online acessível a qualquer pessoa, em qualquer lugar. Com a confiança de mais de 2,5 milhões de traders em todo o mundo, a empresa oferece uma ampla variedade de tipos de negociação e disponibiliza mais de 200 ativos em mercados populares nas suas plataformas de negociação premiadas e intuitivas. Com uma força de trabalho de mais de 1.300 pessoas em todo o mundo, a Deriv tem cultivado um ambiente que celebra conquistas, incentiva o crescimento profissional e promove o desenvolvimento de talentos, o que é refletido na sua acreditação Platinum pela Investors in People.

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Five Israeli enemy airstrikes targeted at midnight s of Khraybe town in Baablek with air-to-surface missiles, slightly wounding a citizen and causing material damages, our correspondent reported on Thursday.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

3 martyrs and injuries by occupation bullets in Tulkarm

Tulkarm – Ma’an – The Ministry of Health announced the death of 3 citizens and the wounding of others with moderate to serious injuries by occupation bullets in Tulkarm.

The Ministry explained that the martyrs are: Health: The martyr Ayman Ahmed Mubarak (26 years old), the martyr Hossam Imad Dabas (22 years old), and the martyr Muhammad Youssef Nasrallah (27 years old).

A large military force from the occupation army stormed the city from its western entrance, and was stationed in the vicinity of Gamal Abdel Nasser Square in central Tulkarm, the old garages area, the vicinity of the Martyr Thabet Thabet Roundabout, the Government Hospital Talat, and Bank Street.

A force headed to the Shaarawiyah area north of Tulkarm, passing through the Shweika suburb, and stormed the towns of Deir Al-Ghusoun and Atil.

Source: Maan News Agency