President of Kenya visits GCA Headquarters to mobilize action ahead of Africa Climate Action Summit

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, May 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — His Excellency William S. Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya, visited the floating headquarters of the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) in Rotterdam today to participate in a Strategic Dialogue on the Africa Climate Action Summit.

The Africa Climate Action Summit is being co-hosted by the Government of Kenya and the African Union Commission on 4th to 6th September 2023, and is co-convened by the African Development Bank and GCA. The visit follows a meeting between Professor Patrick Verkooijen, CEO of GCA and President Ruto in Nairobi in February 2023 where they discussed driving the implementation and financing of climate adaptation through the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP).

GCA, as the only international organisation focused exclusively on climate adaptation, is working closely with the Government of Kenya to mobilize financial commitments for adaptation during the Africa Climate Action Summit. The Strategic Dialogue discussed developing Adaptation Country Investment Compacts and other mechanisms to determine the adaptation investment needs and financing opportunities for each country. The Summit will coalesce partners, including international financial institutions and the private sector, around accelerating adaptation financing and climate action leading into the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit and COP28.

The President, who is the Chair of the African Union’s Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change, was welcomed to the city of Rotterdam and the GCA Headquarters by GCA CEO Professor Verkooijen; the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb; Jan Peter Balkenende, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (2002-2010) and GCA Executive Board Member and Feike Sijbesma, Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum, GCA Co-Chair.

His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations and GCA Co-Chair; Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko, African Union Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment and Dr. Kevin Kariuki, Vice-President of the African Development Bank joined the Strategic Dialogue virtually to discuss the Africa Climate Action Summit. The discussion highlighted the importance of rich nations coming forward with commitments to honor the pledges made at COP26 in Glasgow to double adaptation financing by 2025 and how the Summit can help deliver the priorities of African governments to advance the “Green Agenda for Africa” including opportunities in green industrialisation.

Speaking during the dialogue, His Excellency William S. Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya, said: “The world is now edging close and closer towards the brink of a climate disaster whose warning signs so far are the most catastrophic environmental and atmospheric phenomena humankind has ever encountered. The GCA exists to remind us of these fundamental truths, and to mobilise and empower effective responses in ways that are both reassuring and inspiring.”

Professor Patrick Verkooijen highlighted the importance of the Africa Climate Action Summit to mobilize climate finance for adaptation: “African countries are at ground zero of our climate emergency – they are already losing up to 15% of GDP growth due to climate change even though they are responsible for only 3% of global emissions. They must be given the chance to survive and thrive even as they suffer the impacts of a crisis they did not cause. Africa has the solutions but it needs climate finance and investment. I commend President Ruto for his leadership in hosting the Africa Climate Action Summit and look forward to the real and tangible commitments it will deliver.”

Notes to Editors

About the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP)
An Africa-owned and Africa-led program, the AAAP, is a joint initiative between the African Development Bank (AfDB) and GCA with the goal of mobilizing $25 billion for adaptation in Africa by 2025 through four pillars: food security, resilient infrastructure, youth entrepreneurship and job creation, and innovative climate adaptation finance. The African Union endorsed AAAP’s two financing mechanisms. The first mechanism is the AAAP Upstream Financing Facility hosted by GCA, which has already influenced over $5.2bn in investment for adaptation in Africa since its inception in 2021. The AfDB administers the second financing mechanism through the climate set aside under the ADF-16 replenishment, which builds on the AfDB’s commitment to finance $12.5 billion of adaptation programs – half of the AAAP investment target.

About the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA)
The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is an international organization that works as a solutions broker to accelerate action and support for adaptation solutions, from the international to the local, in partnership with the public and private sectors. Founded in 2018, GCA operates from its headquarters in the largest floating office in the world, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. GCA has a worldwide network of regional offices in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire; Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Beijing, China.

About the Africa Climate Action Summit
The Africa Climate Action Summit in Nairobi will be held from September 4th to September 6th. This summit is expected to bring together leaders, experts, and policymakers from across the world to discuss the pressing issue of climate change and its impact on Africa. The Africa Climate Action Summit will focus on a number of key areas, including adaptation, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and climate finance. Participants will share their experiences, best practices, and strategies for addressing climate change, and will work to develop a roadmap for African countries to achieve their climate goals.


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Global Center on Adaptation
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Sultan AlNeyadi and Crew-6 team successfully complete Dragon endeavour relocation on ISS

DUBAI, 6th May, 2023 (WAM) — The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) today confirmed astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi along with his Crew-6 crew members successfully completed the mission to relocate the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft on the International Space Station (ISS). This is the third port relocation of a Dragon crew spacecraft, following previous relocations during the Crew-1 and Crew-2 missions. AlNeyadi participated in the mission along with the Crew-6 members, NASA astronauts Stephen Bowen and Warren Hoburg and Roscosmos cosmonaut Andrey Fedyaev. The mission began at 15:23 UAE time, with the Crew-6 members undocking the Dragon spacecraft from the space-facing port of the Harmony module on the ISS. After undergoing a series of manoeuvres over the course of 38 minutes, the crew docked the spacecraft with the station’s forward Harmony port at 16:01 UAE time. The relocation of the Dragon spacecraft was supported by the Mission Control Centre at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, SpaceX in Hawthorne, California and monitored by the MBRSC team. The relocation freed up the Harmony module’s space-facing port for the docking of the next Dragon cargo spacecraft set to launch in June. The zenith port on Harmony will now allow the Canadarm2 robotic arm easier access to the International Space Station Roll-Out Solar Arrays, or IROSAs, that will arrive on SpaceX’s 28th commercial resupply mission for NASA for installation through a series of spacewalks. Prior to the mission, the Crew-6 joined each other earlier on Tuesday and checked the pressure suits they wore for today’s short ride inside the Dragon spacecraft. The team had also reviewed the relocation procedures, checked vehicle hatches, and configured the spacecraft cabin to ensure the smooth completion of the mission. Adnan Al Rais, Mission Manager, UAE Astronaut Programme, MBRSC, stated, “The successful relocation of the Dragon spacecraft, skilfully executed by the Sultan AlNeyadi and his fellow Crew 6 team members, marks a new accomplishment for Expedition 69. By supporting the mission and maintenance of the ISS, we are advancing scientific endeavours on the space station. Over the coming months, we eagerly anticipate the continuation of innovative collaborations, missions, and experiments that will enrich humanity’s knowledge and well-being.” AlNeyadi had recently become the first Arab to undertake a spacewalk during Expedition 69, along with Bowen. During the spacewalk, which lasted 7 hours and 1 minute, they successfully completed a series of preparatory tasks which involved routing power cables, as a precursor to the installation of the iROSA. Over the past week, AlNeyadi and Bowen also partnered together in the Destiny laboratory module, working on life support gear. The astronauts took turns collecting water samples and replacing components from inside Destiny’s oxygen generation system. The UAE Astronaut Programme is one of the projects managed by MBRSC under the UAE’s National Space Programme and funded by the ICT Fund of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), which aims to support research and development in the ICT sector in the UAE and promote the country’s integration on the global stage.

Source: Emirates News Agency (WAM)

Marrakesh Racecourse in Morocco hosts H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival

MARRAKESH,7th May, 2023 (WAM) The Marrakesh Racecourse in Morocco will host today the Grand Prix Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup, H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak World Championship and the Wathba Stallions Cup As part of the 15th edition of the H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival. A strong field of 11 horses will compete in the 1900 metre Grand Prix Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup, 16 in the 1900 metre H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak World Championship and 7 in the 1600 metre Wathba Stallions Cup. The three races carry a cash prize of MAD 320,000, MAD 160,000 and MAD 70,000 respecting, bring the total prizes to MAD 550,000. The Marrakesh Racecourse has been hosting the festival since 2017. H.H. Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival was launched for the first time in 2009, with a vision to get international recognition to the Arabian racehorses, breeders, owners and professionals in the world and a mission of better international recognition of Arabian racing, connecting the world of Arabian racing and all professionals in the industry, raising public awareness about the sport and educating the next generation. Tariq Al Fahaam

Source: Emirates News Agency (WAM)

Weather: Drop in temperature, moderate conditions

Moderate spring conditions are expected today in Palestine with a drop in temperature to become 5°C below the seasonal average, and with a chance of scattered rain over some areas, according to the Palestinian Meteorological Department (PMD). Winds are southwesterly to northwesterly, moderate to active, and sea waves are medium. Temperature in the capital, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem is expected to reach a high of 19°C and a low of 11°C, and in Ramallah and Hebron a high of 18°C and a low of 10°C are expected. In Jericho, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan Valley, temperature is expected to reach a high of 28°C and a low of 17°C, while it is expected to reach a high of 21°C and a low of 14°C in Gaza and the coastal areas. Temperature is expected to further drop on Monday and reach 7°C below the seasonal average, with a chance of light rainfall over some districts. However, a rise in temperature is expected on Tuesday, which nevertheless remains 4°C below the seasonal average, said the PMD. Temperature rises further on Wednesday to reach its annual average.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

Occupation authorities re-demolish donor-funded Jibb Al-Deeb school in a village east of Bethlehem

Israeli occupation authorities demolished this early morning the donor-funded Jibb Al-Deeb School in the small Palestinian village of Bayt Ta’mar, to the east of Bethlehem in the south of the West Bank, six years after the same school was rebuilt after being demolished by the occupation authorities in 2017. Bassam Jabr, the Director of Education in Bethlehem, told WAFA that an Israeli army force accompanied by bulldozers stormed the village and cordoned off the area around the school, also called Challenge 5 School, before seizing the school’s assets and proceeding with the demolition. He pointed out that the school houses about 60 students from the first to the fourth grade, and it was demolished in 2017 before it was rebuilt in the same year. Hassan Brijieh, the director of the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission in Bethlehem, said the Israeli High Court issued last March a ruling to demolish the school after it rejected a petition submitted by the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission, and the St. Yves human rights organization to cancel the demolition of the school. He added that the school was built on a land of 8 dunums donated by local Palestinian clans, with proper legal documents proving the ownership of the land. Confrontations erupted between the Israeli occupation army and local residents following the demolition of the school, during which Israeli occupation soldiers fired teargas canisters at residents, causing many of them to suffocate from gas inhalation.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

Newspaper Review: Israel’s killing of two Palestinians in Tulkarm focus of dailies

The three Palestinian Arabic-language dailies focused today on the killing of two Palestinians yesterday by Israeli occupation forces of two Palestinian young men in a raid on Tulkarm refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. These are the main headlines: Al-Quds: – Two Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire in Tulkarm refugee camp; three martyrs laid to rest in Nablus. – Israeli settlers uproot hundreds of olive saplings in Kafr al-Dik; injuries in assaults [by Israeli occupation forces] in several areas. – [Israel] plans to build a new settlement in Jabal al-Mukabir neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. – A Jewish man kills a Palestinian inside [Israel]. – [Hundreds of thousands of Israelis] demonstrate against Netanyahu. – Charles III is crowned as King of Britain. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: – Israeli occupation assassinates two Palestinian young men in Tulkarm. – After being withheld by Israel for 55 days, the bodies of [three Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces] were laid to rest yesterday in Nablus. – Prime Minister says Israel’s sense of impunity encourages it to commit crimes against the Palestinians. – Palestinians hold a vigil in Haifa in support of sick Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqa. – Arab League to hold an extraordinary emergency meeting to discuss Israeli violations. – An Arab man from Sandala was killed by an Israeli settler. – Charles III is crowned as King of Britain in the first such ceremony since 1953. Al-Ayyam: – Israeli occupation assassinates two Palestinian young men in Tulkarm. – The bodies of [three Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces] were laid to rest yesterday in Nablus [after they were withheld by Israel for 55 days]. – An Arab man from Sandala was killed by an Israeli settler. – Israel to release Jordanian MP Imad Al-Adwan. – Israeli settlers uproot and destroy 285 olive saplings in Kafr al-Dik. – The Israeli government is scheduled to vote on a decision to promote a settler-only site near the village of Sebastia. – Thousands demonstrate in Israel against the judicial overhaul plan.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

Extremist rabbi Yehuda Glick leads a provocative tour into Al-Aqsa

Led by extremist Israeli rabbi Yehuda Glick, scores of Israeli settlers guarded by police today broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources. Witnesses told WAFA that scores of Israeli settlers entered the compound in groups and performed rituals there under the protection of Israeli police officers. Glick is known for advocating for the presence of Jewish settlers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest place of worship. In the meantime, Israeli occupation forces arrested a Palestinian employee working in the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Department of Agriculture. Since 2003, the Israeli occupation authorities have been allowing settlers into the compound almost on a daily basis, with the exclusion of Friday, the Muslim day of rest and worship. Israel captured East Jerusalem, where Al-Aqsa Mosque is located, during the Six-Day War in 1967 in a move never recognized by the international community.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

EU condemns Israel’s demolition of donor-funded school

The European Union denounced today Israel’s demolition of the donor-funded Jibb Al-Deeb School in the small Palestinian village of Bayt Ta’mar, to the east of Bethlehem, saying the demolition violates children’s right to education. ‘Appalled by reports that the EU-funded school in Jibb Al Deeb is being demolished by Israeli authorities right now. 60 Palestinian children are affected,’ said the EU in a statement. The EU urged the Israeli occupation authorities to stop all demolitions and evictions, which it said ‘will only increase the suffering of the Palestinian population and further escalate an already tense environment.’

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA