The occupation releases 150 prisoners from Gaza

Gaza – Together – On Monday morning, the Israeli occupation forces released 150 prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

The General Authority of Crossings said that the detainees arrived at Kerem Shalom, southeast of the Gaza Strip.

A number of detainees were transferred to the hospital as a result of being subjected to torture.

7 detainees arrived at Al-Najjar Hospital in the city of Rafah to receive treatment as a result of: –

1. Sufyan Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Salah, 43 years old

2. Ghassan Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Salah, 46 years old

3. Abdel Qader Ahmed Abdel Qader Baraka, 34 years old

4. Abdel Wahab Zaher Muhammad Al-Hassi, 24 years old

5. Ali Ahmed Ali Al-Nims, 27 years old

6. Ali Wael Abdullah Abu Hadros, 27 years old

7. Moatasem Saadi Nimr Al-Nimr

The Red Crescent said that the occupation released two of the association’s ambulance crews after 50 days of detention.

He explained that their arrest took place at a military checkpoint in Khan Yunis during a mission to evacuate patients from Al-Amal Hospital o
n 02/25/2024.

Meanwhile, the occupation continues to arrest 6 of the association’s crews until now, and their fate remains unknown.

During the war, Israel arrested three thousand Palestinians and released about a thousand so far.

Source: Maan News Agency