Palestinian shot, injured and arrested by soldiers in south of Hebron dies of his wounds

A Palestinian identified as Sari Yousef Amr, 25, who was shot, injured, and arrested by Israeli soldiers at dawn today during a raid of the town of Dura, south of Hebron, has died of his wounds, according to medical and local sources.

The Ministry of Health said it was informed by the Civil Affairs Authority that Sari Amr had died of his wounds.

Amr’s family said Israeli occupation forces fired live bullets at Sari inside his house before arresting him and his brother, Suhaib, 23.

Amr’s father, Yousef, said the occupation forces raided his house and fired live bullets inside it, seriously wounding his son Sari.

He said the soldiers prevented anyone from approaching him and providing treatment to him before they arrested him while he was bleeding, and took him and Suhaib to an unknown destination.

He added that the occupation forces seized two vehicles, destroyed the contents of the house and other vehicles, and stole 400,000 shekels (around $100,000) in cash and checks.

Source: Palestine News and Inf
ormation Agency – WAFA