Organization: Gazan women suffer additional suffering during the war

Gaza – Together – ActionAid International said that women in the Gaza Strip are suffering additional suffering in light of the difficult humanitarian conditions that the population of the Gaza Strip in general suffers from, in terms of the lack of personal care supplies and the inability to shower for weeks.

The organization explained in a statement, today, Tuesday, on the occasion of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, that women and girls in Gaza are resorting to unsafe methods to deal with their menstrual cycle amid a severe shortage of personal care supplies, as they cut small pieces of tents that they depend on to protect themselves from the cold. And rain, to use them as a substitute for these supplies, which exposes them to the risk of infection, at a time when the lack of water causes them to be unable to shower or maintain hygiene.

According to the International Foundation, women and girls during their menstrual periods are also unable to wash themselves and maintain hygiene due to the lack of soap, and m
any of them are forced to use menstrual products or their alternatives for a longer period than the period allotted for them to use them safely, which poses a danger to their health. .

Source: Maan News Agency