Jordan’s policy is consistent, and we will confront every drone or missile that penetrates Jordanian airspace, says FM, 4th, final add

Safadi added that what is happening in the Gaza Strip in terms of aggression, devastation and destruction is the main reason that pushes the possibilities of escalating tension in the region, and before that, the continuation of the Israeli occupation with its illegal policy, and the continued methodology led by Netanyahu to kill all opportunities to achieve peace is a threat to the security of the entire region and the security of the world.

“We are all aware of the importance of regional security for international security in general, as we are dealing in a region that faces challenges from all sides, but the awareness of our people with the wisdom of our leadership and the strength of our institutions enables us deal with these challenges and mitigate their effects on us as much as possible,” Safadi emphasized.

“Everyone is affected, and Jordan is affected more than others for objective reasons that are clear to everyone, but we are confident that we are pursuing policies aimed at protecting our interest
s, supporting the Palestinian people, and protecting the region from new tensions and conflicts caused by the continued Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine, and Israel’s obstruction of all attempts to get out of the crisis and reach a solution to the conflict on the basis that ends it and guarantees the rights of the Palestinian people in full,” the foreign minister concluded

Source: Jordan News Agency