Israel prevents displaced Gazans from returning to their homes, says Euro-Med Monitor

Amman: The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor condemned the Israeli army’s targeting of thousands of forcibly displaced Palestinians as they tried to return to their homes in Gaza City and its north, with artillery shells and live bullets, which resulted in the martyrdom of dozens and numerous wounds, forcing the rest to return to their places of displacement and preventing them from returning to their residential areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The occupation continues to implement and entrench the crime of forced displacement against Palestinians by preventing forcibly displaced civilians, including women and children, from crossing from the center and south of the Gaza Strip and returning to their residential areas in the northern areas, despite the cessation of hostilities in most of those areas, the Monitor said in a press release on Monday.

The serious crimes carried out by the Israeli army, especially the crime of forced displacement, are aimed at destroying the lives of Palestinians in the
Gaza Strip and are part of the crime of genocide that Israel has been committing for more than six months, the Monitor added.

The Monitor has documented consistent testimonies of Israeli forces firing artillery shells, machine guns from naval boats, live bullets, and tear gas directly and deliberately at thousands of civilians as they attempted to return.

Source: Jordan News Agency