Health minister decides to suspend operations of Covid-19 testing centers

Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Hawari, on Thursday decided to shut down testing centers operating to collect Covid-19 samples, based on the recommendation of the National Committee for Epidemics Control. Hawari also decided to accredit a positive (PCR) test certificate to provide Covid-19 treatment and approve results of the rapid test to offer healthcare services in emergency cases. The minister revoked the five-day sick leave for Covid-19 patients, which are now granted according to the previously applied regulations and instructions in force. According to Hawari, the committee recommended steps to stimulate groups with a high risk to receive Covid-19 vaccine and booster doses according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, in addition to suspending daily and weekly report on the disease. From now on, Covid-19 is dealt with as the case with infectious disease, which are monitored through the respiratory disease monitoring program, the committee advised. These decisions are taken, after a Royal Decree was issued to suspend enforcement of Defense Law No. 13 of 1992, and in light of the World Health Organization’s declaration that Covid-19 pandemic is no longer a health emergency.

Source: Jordan News Agency