Foreign Ministry criticizes US veto of Security Council resolution on ceasefire in Gaza

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates today criticized the failure of the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for the second time since the start of the aggression two months ago due to the American veto.

It said in a statement that this is a failure to protect Palestinian civilians and a violation of international law and its rules regarding wars, as well as entrenchment of the double standards that discriminate among civilians in the world and selectivity in the applications of international law according to the identity of the executioner and the victim.

It said the US veto gives Israel more time to continue its aggression against the Palestinian people without any regard for international law and the persistent international demands to protect civilians and provide them their basic humanitarian needs in a sustainable manner.

The Foreign Ministry said it appreciate all the countries that supported the draft resolution wh
ose positions expressed almost international consensus on stopping the aggression. It also thanked the more than 100 countries that adopted this resolution and supported an immediate ceasefire.

It stressed that it will continue to exert political, diplomatic and legal efforts on all tracks and in full partnership with the Arab and Islamic group, the non-aligned countries, and all friendly countries to stop the genocidal war against the Palestinian people, protect the civilians, secure their basic needs, and prevent their displacement through international pressure to end the occupation and unjust siege on the Palestinian people to enable them to exercise their right to self-determination with total freedom.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA