Dolphin Energy, MBZ Fund join forces to safeguard endangered species

ABU DHABI: Dolphin Energy announced a three-year partnership with the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZ Fund) to advance global species conservation efforts in line with World Wildlife Day.

Under this partnership, Dolphin Energy will provide the MBZ Fund with US$100,000 annually for three years to support the Chairman’s Award within the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Small Grants Programme and support endangered flora and fauna in the process. This collaboration underscores Dolphin Energy’s commitment as a responsible corporate entity to join forces with the UAE’s foremost external conservation agency in combating biodiversity loss.

Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director of the MBZ Fund, emphasised, “The small grants we provide to our recipients are a cornerstone of global conservation efforts. These grants not only play a crucial role in species preservation but also serve as a stepping stone for emerging conservationists. Dolphin Energy’s investment reflects their dedicati
on to both the preservation of species and the passionate individuals and organisations striving to safeguard them.

Commenting on the partnership, Obaid Abdulla Al Dhaheri, CEO of Dolphin Energy Limited, said, “As critical as addressing climate change is the issue of nature loss. It is essential we adopt a ‘nature positive’ approach and do all we can to contribute to the protection and restoration of our planet’s species, habitats and ecosystems. Supporting the Fund to boost the Chairman’s Award will help do that and we are delighted to be involved.”

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund has supported over 2,740 small grants across 160 countries, contributing to the discovery, reintroduction, and protection of over 1,700 species from extinction.

Among the notable projects supported by the MBZ Fund is the heartwarming story of the Starry night harlequin toad (Atelopus arsyecue), once thought to be extinct, and its remarkable connection with the Arhuaca de Sogrome indigenous community in the Sierra
Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Additionally, the Fund has played a crucial role in the conservation efforts aimed at saving the Fatu Hiva monarch (Pomarea whitneyi) in French Polynesia, where fewer than 20 individuals of this majestic bird remain. Closer to home, researchers have celebrated the rediscovery of the Emirati leaf-toed gecko (Asaccus caudivolvulus), the UAE’s only endemic vertebrate species on the East Coast of the UAE, rekindling local interest and appreciation for this unique species.

Source: Emirates News Agency