An-Najah National University is first locally and 20th in the Arab world in the UNIRANKS global rankings

Nablus – Together – In a new evaluation issued by the international institution UNIRANKS, An-Najah National University was able to achieve first place locally, and twentieth place in the Arab world among the universities and higher education institutions that entered the classification.

It should be noted that the UNIRANKS international classification is one of the largest modern global classifications, with a database that includes more than 400 million records for more than 30,000 universities worldwide. The classification also depends on unique criteria, the most important of which are student services at 15%, quality of education and diversity of study programs at 15%, scientific research at 15%, and others such as the interaction and electronic vitality of the university and its website, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, diversity, international relations, employment opportunities for graduates, and others. Based on these criteria, An-Najah National University is making remarkable progres
s in the global rankings, which reflects its firm commitment to providing high-quality education and excellent services to its students and faculty members.

The UNIRANKS classification integrates the Sustainable Development Goals within each category by incorporating sub-indicators aligned with these goals. This emphasizes the importance of addressing social, economic and environmental challenges in higher education institutions.

This classification and excellence achieved by An-Najah National University locally and in the Arab world is an indication of the quality and excellence that An-Najah National University is keen to achieve, and reflects its commitment to applying the best international practices in the field of education and university administration.

Source: Maan News Agency