A fact sheet by the Independent Commission entitled ‘Safe humanitarian corridors are a tool for killing Palestinians’

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Independent Commission for Human Rights (Board of Grievances) issued a fact sheet entitled (Safe Humanitarian Corridors, a Tool for Killing Palestinians), which dealt with what safe corridors are in accordance with international law, and how the government of “Israel”, the occupying power, deals with safe corridors, and the suffering of citizens. While using these lanes.

The paper defined a safe humanitarian corridor as an area established in the midst of armed conflicts, characterized by being safe and demilitarized, aiming to ensure the exit of civilians from the conflict area to a safe place, and/or the delivery of humanitarian aid to them, and/or the evacuation of the victims of this conflict. Pointing out that the occupation government uses safe humanitarian corridors in order to forcibly displace residents from their original places of residence, and does not respect the principle of providing protection for civilian lives and respecting human dignity, as the occupation army has,
on more than one occasion, bombed civilians who use these corridors based on instructions. It was issued by the army regarding evacuation orders and ‘safe’ routes to be used by the civilian population during displacement operations.

The paper is based on testimonies provided by displaced people from Beit Hanoun, Al-Falujah and the northern Gaza Strip, who were displaced to the city of Rafah in the southern Strip.

Source: Maan News Agency