Palestinians protest near Nablus against potential return of settlers to Homesh

Dozens of Palestinians demonstrated today outside the Palestinian town of Burqa, to the northwest of Nablus, in protest of far-right Israeli government’s recent decision to allow settlers to return to Homesh, a nearby Israeli settlement evacuated in 2005. The protesters affirmed that the decision of the far-right Israeli government to allow settlers back to the vacated settlements is a flagrant violation of all international and humanitarian norms, including UN resolutions, and a terrorist escalation against our people. Last week, the chief of the Israeli military’s Central Command signed an order allowing allows Israeli settlers to enter Homesh, paving the way for a formal settlement to be built there. In March, the Knesset approved an amendment allowing Israelis to enter four illegal settlements in the northern occupied West Bank, including Homesh, that were evacuated in 2005 as part of then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. The US State Department has repeatedly called on Israel to refrain from any moves that escalate tensions with Palestinians, such as formalizing settler outposts.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA