KAFA’A launches compliance index to monitor IEA performance

Amman: Performance Index Center | KAFA’A has launched a compliance index to monitor the performance of the Independent Election Commission (IEA) and its adherence to regional and international standards, regulatory laws, and best practices.

The index, which is designed based on a methodology that relies on measuring and evaluating the quantity and quality of 34 indicators within 12 main indicators, aims to support the vision and process of political reform and democratic process to ensure the conduct of free and fair parliamentary elections according to the best standards, in conjunction with the upcoming constitutional obligations.

The main indicators include ensuring unrestricted access to ballot boxes, voting secrecy, party plurality and free competition, international and local supervision of elections, electoral awareness, voter registration, management of election complaints, availability, accuracy, and clarity of information, protection of voter data, monitoring of party financing and election campai
gns, justice and equality in access to media, and transparency of election results.

Source: Jordan News Agency