Weather: Temperatures are about 5 degrees above average

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Meteorological Department expected the weather on Sunday to be hot to very hot, with another slight rise in temperatures to become 5 degrees Celsius above average. Winds will be westerly to northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, sometimes active, and the sea will be light to medium in wave height.

In the evening and night hours, the weather is pleasant in the mountainous areas and relatively warm in the rest of the regions. The winds are northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, sometimes active, and the sea is light to medium in wave height.

Tomorrow, Monday, the weather will be hot to very hot, with no change in temperatures, remaining about 5 degrees Celsius above average. The winds will be southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, sometimes active, and the sea will be light to medium in wave height.

The Meteorological Department expects the weather next Tuesday to be hot to very hot, with no change in temperatures, remaining 5 degrees Celsius above average.
The winds will be southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, sometimes active, and the sea will be light to medium in wave height.

On Wednesday, the weather will be hot to very hot, with a slight drop in temperatures, but remaining 4 degrees Celsius above average. The winds will be southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, sometimes active, and the sea will be light to medium in wave height.

The Meteorological Department warned citizens of the danger of exposure to direct sunlight for long periods, especially during peak hours, and of the danger of starting fires in areas where there are many dry grasses and trees.

Source: Maan News Agency

The occupation army bombed the Nuseirat camp 63 times in 7 days.. 91 martyrs and 251 wounded

Gaza – Ma’an – The Israeli occupation army has focused on intensifying the bombing of the Nuseirat refugee camp (central Gaza Strip) in the past seven days in an unprecedented manner, as the number of times the camp was bombed by fighter jets, tanks and warships reached 63 times. This bombing claimed the lives of 91 martyrs and 251 wounded, more than 75% of the victims arrived at hospitals with their bodies burned, as a result of the occupation’s use of thermal and chemical weapons.

The Nuseirat refugee camp is one of the densely populated camps, currently home to 250,000 citizens and displaced persons. It is subjected to barbaric shelling by the “Israeli” occupation, without taking into account the overcrowding inside the camp. The occupation deliberately shells neighborhoods and houses inhabited by residents, buildings and residential towers, and deliberately inflicts the largest possible number of martyrs and injuries. The most horrific massacre committed by the occupation during the past seven days was t
he massacre of Al-Razi School in the camp, which claimed the lives of 23 martyrs and 73 injured.

The Government Media Office condemned in the strongest terms the “Israeli” occupation’s commission of these horrific massacres against civilians in the Nuseirat camp in particular. We also condemn the US administration’s alignment with the occupation in the crime of genocide. We

hold the Israeli occupation and the US administration fully responsible for the continuation of these massacres against the displaced and civilians, and we hold them fully responsible for the occupation’s use of thermal and chemical weapons that lead to the burning of the bodies of the martyrs and wounded.

He called on the international community, the United Nations, various international organizations, and all the countries of the free world to pressure the Israeli occupation and the American administration to stop the war of genocide and stop the torrent of blood flowing in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Maan News Agency

Re-operation of the F11 power line to supply Deir al-Balah desalination plant with energy

Ramallah – Ma’an – Chairman of the Energy Authority, Zafer Melhem, confirmed that the water desalination plant in Deir al-Balah will be reconnected to the electricity supply today.

He explained that the water desalination plants in the Gaza and North Gaza governorates lack the energy to operate their generators, noting that the initial material losses in the electricity distribution network in the Gaza Strip due to the war of extermination amounted to more than half a billion dollars.

The Energy Authority, in cooperation with the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company, has been working over the past two weeks to temporarily repair the damaged line on the Palestinian side, about 4 km long, so that electricity can be supplied to the central desalination plant in Deir al-Balah on a continuous basis, which will be able to produce twenty thousand cubic meters per day, which will help provide clean drinking water to citizens.

The Energy Authority notes that it is cooperating with international bodies to pressure
the occupation to restore electricity to all remaining lines to ensure the provision of electricity to citizens and all vital facilities.

Source: Maan News Agency

Between the American Helen and Anne, the Palestinian Rahaf, and the Emirati Laila… history repeats itself

Abu Dhabi-Gaza-Ma’an- Ten-year-old Palestinian girl Rahaf emerges from her room in the Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi in the morning, walking cautiously towards the yard where her peers, children like her, play. They came to the Emirati capital from Gaza after being injured in the war that has been raging there for months, to receive treatment for their wounds here and recover safely away from its horrors.

With the exception of sight, Rahaf conjures up in her mind and senses the mental map that her Emirati teacher, Laila Al-Shukaili, repeatedly trained her on, as she places a gentle hand on her shoulder and leads her with her calm, motherly voice through the corridors, then down the stairs, then towards the open central courtyard, where she meets new friends who also came from Gaza. She gradually got to know them after she began to accept the fact that she had become blind.

It happened when Rahaf woke up a few months ago in a hospital bed crowded with injured people in Gaza, only to realize that pe
ople had helped her after her family’s home had been bombed and destroyed. She tried to look around to see who the voices around her were, only to discover that she had lost her sight, her mother, her father, and her home in the bombing.

The Emirati hospital in Gaza was quick to nominate her to be on the list of the next batch of wounded children and cancer patients who will be evacuated by air from the Egyptian city of Arish after crossing the Rafah crossing to the UAE, before the Palestinian side is destroyed, as part of the initiative of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, to treat 1,000 wounded children from Gaza and 1,000 cancer patients there and receive them in the Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi with their companions to receive the urgent and urgent medical care they need.

Rahaf proved early on her high intelligence and quick learning, after her teacher Laila began reminding her of the letters and numbers by using clay to form them with her hands from her memory. She
then moved on to training her through construction games and focusing on the Braille language with Arabic and English letters and numbers to prepare her for the stage of reading school books and other things in Braille.

This record-breaking progress restored Rahaf’s self-confidence, so she decided to participate in a children’s play that was organized in the Emirates Humanitarian City in cooperation with the Family Care Foundation, and she took on the role of a sponsor after memorizing the text that she recited in front of the audience of the play.

‘My ambition is to become a teacher and achieve more in the future. The awards and honors I have received encourage me to continue developing my abilities and excel in my studies,’ says Rahaf.

Teacher Lily says happily that the next stage with Rahaf is to teach her to type in Real on a special Perkins typewriter, which qualifies the little girl Rahaf to write her thoughts and express herself, her ideas and her creativity on paper.

When asked about her and Rahaf
forming an inspiring duo, similar to the teacher Anne Sullivan, who more than 150 years ago in the United States of America trained the blind child Helen Keller to read and learn Braille until she became a brilliant writer, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a social activist who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and an inspiring success story for people of determination, the blind, and school students across America and the world, the teacher Laila avoids the question with great modesty, and speaks passionately about new books that were specially designed to be printed in Braille to enable Rahaf and her colleagues, the blind students who came from Gaza to the Emirates Humanitarian City, to integrate with their peers in regular school classes and regain a life closer to normal.

Emirati teacher Laila Al Shakili, who graduated with a major in mathematics and volunteered and trained for a year and a half to teach the blind Braille language for numbers and letters at the Zayed Higher
Organization for People of Determination in Abu Dhabi, and recently designed two books for numbers and letters in Braille, confirms that the blind focus their other senses and develop their abilities quickly if they are provided with training, rehabilitation, care, attention, motivation and celebration of achievements.

Reminding herself of the play ‘The Miracle Worker’ written by blind American author Helen Keller, which has become a staple in school curricula, Laila says: ‘Anyone who has ambition will achieve it. I am confident in the abilities of Rahaf and all our students who turn challenges into opportunities. We are with them every step of the way until they become independent, self-confident and self-reliant.’

The various entities and institutions in the Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi are working to unify efforts, programmes and initiatives to empower children received by the UAE from the Gaza Strip, in order to provide them with all forms of moral support and enable them in the journey of he
aling, recovery and resuming their lives.

Source: Maan News Agency

Gaza: 64 martyrs in 24 hours and 38,983 since the beginning of the war

Gaza – Ma’an – The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the Israeli occupation committed 4 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 64 martyrs and 105 injuries arriving at hospitals during the past 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the death toll from the Israeli aggression has risen to 38,983 martyrs and 89,727 injuries since October 7.

The Ministry of Health pointed out that there are still a number of victims under the rubble and on the roads, and ambulance and civil defense crews cannot reach them.

Source: Maan News Agency

Orange Jordan, Crown Prince Foundation sign MoU

Amman: Orange Jordan and the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on a training programme to raise the digital skills of younger Jordanians.

According to a statement, Orange Jordan will bolster digital skills to meet market needs and global trends for younger Jordanians in coordination with the CPF in Karak, Ajloun and Mafraq by training 60 people. More governorates will be covered in later stages.

Orange Jordan CEO Philip Mansour and CPF Executive Director Tamam Manko signed the MoU.

Source: Jordan News Agency