Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival to mark birth centenary of late artist Mounir Mourad

The Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival’s administration has decided to mark the birth centenary of late artist Mounir Mourad during its 38th edition, slated for October 5-10.


In a statement released on Monday8/8/2022, the festival organizers said a book written by critic Ashraf Gharib about Mounir Mourad will be distributed during the event’s activities.


Mourad was born in 1922 and died in 1981 at the age of 59.


Born Maurice Zaki Mourad Mordechai, Mounir Mourad was an Egyptian artist, singer, actor, and distinguished composer of lighthearted songs. His compositions included duets for Shadia and Abdel Halim Hafez.


He played the leading roles in a few Egyptian films, the most famous being “Of the Good Day” (Naharak Sa’id).


His father Ibrahim Zaki Mourad Mordechai was a famous Jewish Egyptian singer, musician and composer in the early twentieth century, his mother was a Jewish Egyptian called Gamilah Ibrahim Roushou, the daughter of Ibrahim Roushou, a local concert contractor in the early 20th century who regularly booked Zaki Mourad to sing at concerts and wedding parties. Mourad was born in Cairo.

When Mounir was growing up, his sister, the artist Leila Mourad was already famous and singing on Egyptian radio.

She is considered one of the most iconic singers in Egypt’s modern history.




Source: State Information Service Egypt

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